Axure Users love these features.

  • Interactive Axure widgets & complete process flows

  • 760+ Google Material Design elements, modules and page templates

  • Compatible with Axure RP 7, 8 & 9

  • Grid-based layout

  • Designs follow strictly Google’s Design Guidelines

  • Learn concepts like sticky menus, split screens, tab-friendly sliders, auto-complete search and more

  • Design for Mobile, Tablet & Desktop

  • Embedded Google Fonts & Icons

  • Pixel perfect

  • Interactive repeater widgets

  • 100% editable

  • Axure tricks you can’t find anywhere else

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Feature fully interactive

Interactive Widget Library

The Google Material UI Kit is a new Axure widget library for Android mobile, tablet, desktop and wearables. Most components are interactive and based on Google’s new Material Design Guidelines and Baseline Grid. This comprehensive UI kit helps you create high quality, interactive prototypes that look and react like a real Android App. Live Preview Kit

Precision Baseline Grid

All Axure components align to an 8 dp square baseline grid (12px mobile, 10px tablet & desktop). This applies to mobile, tablet, and desktop. The package includes an Iconfont that gives you scalable vector icons that can instantly be customized — size, color, drop shadow, and anything that can be done with the power of Axure. No Photoshop has been used for this widget library. Live Preview Kit

Feature baseline-grid
Features interactive whiteframes

Whiteframes for fast prototyping

Whiteframes are dynamic templates and consist of basic interactions, modules and page elements. They are part of Android’s development framework and solve common design problems. They will help you kick-off your Android design project fast. Live Preview Kit

Full-Page Templates

We’ve added some of the most well-designed page templates so you can go ahead and copy and paste complete modules with ease. As a UX designer, you should always start with web standards and best practices and later refine or customize your designs. It’s simple with this UI kit. Live Preview Kit

Features tons of full-page templates

Design like a UX unicorn.