Axure wireframing made easy with these benefits.

  • 200+ Axure elements, modules and page templates

  • Compatible with Axure RP 7, 8 & 9

  • Grid-based layout

  • Basic UI components follows strictly Apples Design Guidelines

  • Easy design for Apple Watch

  • Embedded Apple fonts & icons

  • Pixel perfect & 100% editable

  • UX best practices

Choose between two packages.

  • Extended

  • £ (GBP)69
    • + Apple iOS Mobile UI Kit
    • Access to amazing updates
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Awesome UX designers use it at:

Features tons of full-page templates

Popular Full-Page Templates

I’ve added some of the most well-designed page templates so you can go ahead and copy and paste complete modules with ease. As a UX designer, you should always start with web standards and best practices and later refine or customize your designs. It’s simple with this Axure iOS Watch UI kit. Live Preview Kit

Follows strictly Apple’s Design Guidelines

This Axure UI kit is the latest collection in my high fidelity widget libraries for Axure RP. It’s been a great pleasure to work on some of the elements and screen templates for Apple Watch. All components are based on Apple’s typographic baseline grid. Take it for a spin – you are going to love building apps for Apple iOS Watch. Live Preview Kit

Feature baseline-grid and pixel-perfect layouts
Feature typographic-grid

Precision Typographic Baseline Grid

One of the essential elements of good user interface design is well-executed typography that is legible, creates visual hierarchy, and clearly communicates information. The basics covered in this fascinating wireframing toolkit. Live Preview Kit

Design like a UX unicorn.